What You Can Do To Stay Healthy This Flu Season

What You Can Do To Stay Healthy This Flu Season

There is no better time to take care of your personal health than during flu season when sickness can be easily passed around and getting sick can ruin your holiday plans. FiTT Nutrition’s healthy lifestyle brand is all about helping people curate their own fitness plans and maintain personal wellness, particularly through the use of vitamin supplements. Keep these tips in mind this winter to help you make it through flu season and keep yourself protected with our in-house super greens powder!

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Consistently Wash Your Hands

It’s natural to wash your hands before eating and after using the bathroom, but it’s imperative during flu season to up the ante. Our FiTT Nutrition team recommends washing your hands often, especially after you sneeze, cough, shake hands, or touch frequently-used areas that others have recently touched; this can help you reduce the spread of germs. Additionally, cleaning and disinfecting door knobs, light switches, and countertops can help keep you healthy. 

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Avoid Touching Your Face

As important as it is to take regular vitamin supplements and to keep your supply of the SuperFitt Greens fully stocked, still pay attention to how often you touch your face. Even if you do wash your hands regularly, you can help prevent yourself from getting sick by avoiding touching your eyes, nose, and mouth.

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Cover Your Nose & Mouth When Sneezing

Whether you think you’re getting sick or are experiencing symptoms of seasonal allergies, our vitamin supplement team recommends covering your nose and mouth every time you sneeze or cough; always use a tissue and then dispose of the tissue immediately. Preventing germs from flying into the air also prevents someone else from being exposed to them, and thus helps keep everyone in your household or workplace healthy. If you are coughing or sneezing frequently, it could be a sign you are getting sick and should stay home.

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Take Nutritional Health Supplements Regularly 

There is nothing wrong with giving your body a little extra boost during flu season! FiTT Nutrition can help you keep up with your personal health with our super greens powder, designed to help you feel and function at your best. Our SuperFitt Greens health supplement is available both as a one-time purchase and through a subscription so you never run out!

Make sure you take care of yourself to avoid getting sick! Shop with FiTT Nutrition to find the right vitamin supplements!

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